Transfer learning has been changing the paradigm in the NLP field but its robustness in terms of a wider range of applications is still limited.

When you see those ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be dangerous for humanity’ discussions, which are all around nowadays, have you also asked ‘how come’? According to one of the VPs of Google, when you ask ‘what state is south of Nebraska’ to one the most sophisticated Language Model (LM), its answer is ‘South Nebraska’. So is this level state-of-art really going to achieve a smarter point than the most intelligent species that we know in the universe, that is Homo Sapiens? Well, we have made it from Bronze Age to here, so the answer might as well be…

A simple description of the ‘decision making’ would probably be imagining the process as a simple function having input and throwing an output. This function approach is not only a way of organizing your calculations or the most foundational component of calculus but beyond these, it is also a fundamental component of how the ‘decision making’ mechanism works. This phenomena is involved into our lives in different ways such as the food you want to have for the dinner, destination for your next vacation, choosing a discipline in college, people you want to spend your life with and numerous other…

Disclaimer: My genuine computer scientist friend Tolun Tosun is the co-author of this article.

We are probably on the same page about how computation and coding have changed civilization and shaped the future of humanity. This story had its baby steps around 1900–1600 B.C. with the algebra applications in ancient Babylon, started to crawl by the geometrical advances in Hellenistic Period, was used as ‘algorithm’ by Arabic mathematicians around 800 B.C. and then found some of its first physics applications by Descartes, Leibniz, and Newton after Renaissance. And when people figured out how to use some mechanical (starting in the…

Tolga Akiner

Have a keen interest around data science, some knowledge about NLP, lots of concerns for the environment, and a PhD in Computational Material Science

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